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The Seven Cereals bread is our exclusive production.

For all our recipes we use:

– Beef meat of Pezzata Rossa Italiana from a farm in Val Varaita – Mountains of Piemonte; certified and guaranteed, raised outdoors, fed without GMOs, matured for 15 days (depending on availability, otherwise meat from cattle born, raised and slaughtered in Piedmont).
Pork and artisanal cured meats from pigs born and reared in Piedmont and from Black Pigs and Borghigiani reared outdoors by the Ciabot farm in Baldichieri d’Asti (where indicated).. 
– Mountain cheeses from the Bessè dairy in Val Varaita from cow’s milk from Italian Red Pezzata
Buffalo cheeses from the Facchi dairy in the Ticino Park
– Eggs from hens raised on the ground by the Fantolino company
Extra virgin olive oil from Trapani – Az. Agricola Sortino.
– Italian black truffles.

antipasti ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino


Mushroom Special (depending on availability)
Breaded and fried porcini mushrooms ꕤ 15

Porcini salad with parmesan flakes ꕤ 15

Veal with Ancient Tuna Sauce 12

Little Piedmontese mixed fry with Ginger and apple puree 12 (bovine offal)

Gazpacho of melon with tongue * and pickled vegetables ꕤ 11
Vegetarian version only Gazpacho and Giardiniera

Crispy eggplant roll stuffed with vegetables and mountain cow cheese ꕤ 11

Warm chicken salad flavored with sage, chestnuts and honey with red pepper cream 12

Beef tongue with Pumpkin fondue, parsley sauce, blue cow cheese drops and ginger in syrup 12

Baked white trout with heart of apple, ricotta and figs, accompanied by toasted Piedmont hazelnut sauce 13,5

Zucchini flowers breaded and filled in with Ricotta and Summer black Truffle ꕤ 13
served with saffron Toma della Val Varaita fondue

Knife chopped veal of Pezzata Rossa with Piedmontese buffalo burratina, hazelnuts and red onion jam 13

tajarin ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino

Homemade Pasta

Plin with local pork chopped sausage ꕤ 13,5
Little ravioli filled in with cheese and hazelnuts

Agnolotti with three roasts and their restricted sauce 13
(ravioli filled in with three roasts: Red Pezzata Beef, Pork, Rabbit)

Tajarin with Porcini Mushrooms and mountain Butter with Thyme ꕤ 14 Little tagliatelle

Risotto with wild herbs, goat Roccaverano cheese and black summer truffle ꕤ 14
Extra organic Carnaroli from Cascina Ariatta in Nibbia (NO)

stinco ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino

Main courses

The three earthenware of Raclette ꕤ ❊ 18
Cow’s milk cheese made from melted raw milk and baked au gratin served in three ceramic bowls with potatoes and:
– Sausage; – Ratatouille; – Porcini and black summer truffle.

Raclette, potatoes, Truffle and Porcini mushrooms  ꕤ 18
Raw milk cow’s milk cheese served melted in a bowl baked in the oven with porcini mushrooms and black summer truffle

Braised Red Pezzata roast veal cooked at low temperature 16
with Barbera red wine, served with a smoked potato timbale

Crispy pork belly cooked in slate 16
Served with Ratatouille, almond sauce and black garlic

Sliced duck breast with chilli honey reduction 19
Served with spinach with raisins, pine nuts and mango sauce

Beef sirloin of Fassona with Porcini glazed with Porto 21
with rustic baked potatoes with summer herbs and lavender (about 180 gr.)

Vegetables Ratatouille  4,5 

Rustic Baked Potatoes with summer herbs and lavender   4

ꕤ Vegetarian dishes available
 even in a vegetarian version

❊= Frozen foods

For intolerances / allergies, please contact
 immediately the staff room


raclette ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino

House Specials 

Available upon reservation:
48h before minimum 2 portions

Fujot Fol!ꕤ 20
Our exclusive invention!
Mountain Cheese Cream of Cow milk to be dipped with warm and cold vegetables, sausage and baked potatoes, in the Fujòt, a terracotta container with a fireplace and a candle to keep the cream warm.

Bagna Caöda 24
Traditional sauce made with anchovies, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by fresh vegetables (thistles, Jerusalem artichokes, Belgian salad, white cabbage, radicchio, radish, spring onions, celery, carrots, fennel), and baked (onion, beetroot, caulibower, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke and peppers). Vegetables available depending on the season. 

The real Piedmontese mixed fry 26
Sausage, Frog Legs, Liver, Brain, Sweetbreads, Filoni, Granelle, Slice of Veal, Semolina, Aubergine, Cauliflower, Carrot, Zucchini, Amaretto, Apple served at the table on three courses.

ꕤ Vegetarian dishes available
 even in a vegetarian version
❊= Frozen foods 
For intolerances / allergies, please contact
 immediately the staff room

tatin ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino

Of our production

Lemon cream with almond and mint crumble  6

Cheesecake with berry coulis  6

Dark chocolate and Zabajone with corn crunchy  6

Chestnut meringue in a glass  6

Apple Tarte Tatin with ice cream  6
with Artisan Ice cream from Torino

Artisan Sorbet with Lemon or ice cream  5

Artisan lemon Sorbet with Cîroc grapes Vodka – France  6

Homemade Ice Cream with Whiskey Single Malt Scotch Cragganamore  6

ristorante Le Fanfaron Torino

Dessert wines

Moscato dolce sparkling D.o.c bottle 15

Passito di Favorita “O Drè” Bel Colle glass 3,5 | bottle 21

Tarasco Passito di Arneis Cornarea 2016 glass 6 | bottle 28

Nebbiolo Chinato Cocchi glass 4

Barolo Chinato Bel Colle glass 6

Coffee and Bar

Filtered water 50 cl 50cl 0,60
with regularly checked and cleaned system

Caffè espresso, dek, orzo 2,00
(addition euro 0,50 more)

The, Tisane, Cappuccino 3,00

Cover charge, our bread and service 2,50